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If you want a Mountain Bike made by someone that shares your passion for the sport, you want a Yeti. If you want a finely honed tool to get you to be the biker you know you can be, you want a Yeti. These fanatics have spent over a quarter of a century perfecting all forms of mountain bikes and making the most sought after quality machines. They turn out art that can take you to the highest peaks and rockiest river beds in the world.
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Switch Infinity is a versatile system easily adaptable to different travel platforms. The system can be mounted in any orientation and can achieve a myriad of kinematics depending on the design intent. For example, longer travel bikes require drastically different kinematics later in the travel (controlling wheel path trajectory). The Switch Infinity system can control this much more precisely than other suspension designs because of the linear path of the main pivot. We also can control leverage ratio and anti-squat with much greater freedom than other systems.
The Switch Infinity is a simple, lightweight, bombproof system built by Fox Racing Shox from proven suspension components and engineered and tested to withstand the worst riding conditions. We only use the best components in its construction — Kashima coated stanchions for low friction and durability, seals and bushings that are used in Fox’s off-road racing division, and a lightweight forged translating pivot. We have field tested the parts for over three years and the original bushings, seals, and stanchions are still in perfect working condition.
The linear path of the patented Switch Infinity system has very little resistance as it moves through its travel. This allows the system to achieve seemingly contradictory characteristics. In the early stage of the travel, it displays superior pedaling efficiency and excellent small bump sensitivity. As you move deeper into the travel, the suspension is well supported and responds effortlessly to square edge hits. The mechanical advantage of our linear system cannot be achieved with traditional link designs.