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Moots Rogue YBB

Moots Rogue YBB Review


Anyone who has been around Mad Duck for more than a few minutes knows how we feel about Moots, in general, we are crazy about them. I had a chance to take a bike I’ve been dying to ride out on a test ride and like all Moots I’ve ridden, it did not disappoint.

When our little buddies told us they were sending the Rogue YBB our way, I got Excited! It arrived with perfect timing, with a rare 70+ degree January day. So I rolled out to the Mad Duck “secret private proving grounds” for a test ride.

For those not familiar with the Rogue YBB, here are the basics – 27.5 Wheel Size, YBB (Y Be Beat) suspension providing just over an inch of travel, and like all Moots, beautiful handmade in the US titanium.

ybb close up

A little about YBB: For the uninitiated, a soft tail isn’t the same as a full suspension mountain bike in that it typically only offers about an inch of travel and the shock is usually mounted inline with the frame. This has the advantage of lower weights (only adds about pound) and more efficient climbing out of the saddle. With any soft tail design, the chainstays typically need to be flexible and titanium is the perfect material to make that happen.

OK, enough of that, lets talk about the ride. When you climb on this bike you get a very different feel than on todays “swoopy” feather weight carbon machines. The best way can describe the feeling is “permanence”. You know right away this bike will last!


As I accelerated down our trail, I noticed that even standing I couldn’t feel the rear end moving, only that it was crazy smooth. It was in fact, smoother than the Fox fork on the front of the bike. The combination of the titanium and the YBB just eats the chatter you typically feel on the trail without feeling like a dual suspension bike.

With the addition of the 44mm head tube, 12 x 142 rear and 15mm thru axle front, this bike tracks like it is on rails. Run it through the rock gardens and the 27.5 wheels and YBB gobble up the rough stuff, turn it uphill and it really shines!

If you appreciate quality, things made to last and value dependability over flash, the Rouge YBB is your next bike. It will be a true friend for years to come, and while people may come and go, the Rogue YBB will be by your side!