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El Tour de Tucson 2017
November 18th

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El Tour de Tucson is one of the best laid-out, planned, supported and fun rides we have ever done. It doesn’t hurt that the weather is sensational in November, the scenery is filled with iconic saguaro cactus, and the whole town seems to appreciate you being there. They line the streets and cheer so you get a taste of being in that other Tour, and they announce your name as you cross the finish line. The desert is gorgeous and the food is incredible. And they throw in a quirky little ‘wash-crossing’ just to give you a chance to chat with your biking neighbor. You can race with a timing chip or just relax and enjoy the ride at your leisure.

There are some differences from other rallies, such as the different distances start at different times and different places (they have continuous shuttles to run you back to your car), so please check out all the particulars on their very detailed event page

They have an big Expo, amazing organized and speedy starts and they cap the entrants so everyone has a great time.
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We know that the 16 or so hour car ride is not fun for a weekend, so for the past several years Mad Duck Cyclery has provided bike transport to get your bike and gear to the start line, so you can fly in with no hassles. Airlines offer fall fares and there are a lot of hotels associated with the rally that offer great discounts. But you have to act fast, as they fill up fast. There is also registration discounts based on earlier sign-up dates too.

Folks come from all over the world for this ride of mostly gently rolling hills and fantastic rest stops (a girl scout cookie stop, pancake stop, etc.)  Since this is a resort town, even if you travel with someone that doesn't ride they can have fun while you are in the saddle. You can fly directly into Tucson or Phoenix is 90 miles north on the freeway.  Even when 'el Tour' is not on, every street has at least 1 bike lane so traveling by bike is easy.  You will get a taste of what a truly ‘bike friendly’ city is like.

As a bonus, Gary and Terry are both Tucson natives and can provide you with excellent tips on what to do and where to get the best food (get ready for the crazy Tucson specialties – Gizmos and Topopo and killer Margaritas)

Bike/Gear Transport

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To make the event as stress-free as possible Mad Duck Cyclery offers Bike Transport. Instead of praying your bike survives the belly of the plane or learning your baby got shipped to Tulsa instead of Tucson-we will get it to the start line for you. And save some bucks off airline baggage fees (currently $300+ RT--that is if they have room-Ironman Az is that same weekend) and shipping as well as having to get a more expensive car to haul her around.

Here’s how it works:

1. Reserve your bike’s spot on the Duck Truck
2. Tell us which distance you are riding—(they start at different times and places)
3. Bring your bike to the store by Tuesday, November 12th.
4. Bring it earlier if you would like repairs
5. Bring your gear bag with all your bike necessities (include Co2 that can’t fly)
6. Get on the plane with just carry-on luggage
7. Drive to your El Tour start line and get on your aired-up-and-ready-to go bike
8. Have a wonderful ride
9. Drop your bike off at the Duck Truck at the El Tour finish line & discuss your fabulous ride.

Costs: $200 per bike and gear bag. 10% discount for Mad Duck bikes.