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Bike Storage

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Velo Cache 2 Bike

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Velo Cache (2 Bike Storage Rack) – Black

High quality, free-standing bicycle storage solution that won’t mark your walls or ceiling. Small base footprint to maximize existing space.

Stable three-leg base holds up to 80 lbs.

Anodized aluminum column with heavy duty steel arms

Cradle arms can be independently height adjusted to hold all types and sizes of bikes

Soft rubber protects the frame’s finish

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RAKK Bicycle Storage Stand (black)

Versatile bicycle storage for home, garage or bike shop. Spring loaded arm easily holds front or rear wheel without the risk of scratching rim or spokes. 

Wheel slot accommodates all types of bikes from 20mm road tires to 2.4″ wide MTB

Hand free use allows you to roll bike into the wheel slot for storage or display

Modular design supports multiple RAKK’s connected together

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Velo Column

De-clutter your garage or shop with our floor to ceiling storage soluition. Easy to install without drilling any holes.  Soft rubber arms cradles bikes safely and show-cases your beauties.  

Spring loaded column holds 2 bikes

Arm positions are independently adjustable for angled top tubes

Column length adjustable from 7 feet (2.1m) to 10 feet

Adapter included for open joist ceiling applications

Anodized aluminum main column

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Velo Wall Rack 2D

Introducing the 2015 standard; adust the angle of the bike from the wall to maximize space. Reduces the bulk of your bike by getting it closer to the wall. 
    Independent arms adjust in 2 dimensions
      Soft rubber cradles protect frame’s finish
        Screw into any standard wall stud

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        Velo Hinge

        The Velo Hinge from Feedback Sports is an affordable, patent pending bike wall rack with simple, innovative technology for conveniently storing your bicycle. Store your bike closer to the wall.  A sleek way to save space without the swaying.
          Hinge design allows bike to swing left or right: See how to change the Velo Hinge hook orientation here.
            Optimizes available storage area

            Fold hook away when not in use

            Wheel bumper stabilizes bike and prevents swaying
            Fits most standard Road, Mountain and Kids bikes

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            Velo Post

            A quick and easy solution that can hold bikes, wheel sets and tires. Lock port allows for extra security within your home, garage or shop. 

            Great for holding bikes and wheels 

            Soft inserts protect bike or wheels finish

            Can be folded away for storage

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            A-Frame Portable Event Stand (w/Tote Bag)

            This lightweight sturdy design will help you organize and maximize storage at outdoor events, and race staging areas.  Holds up to 8 bikes by the saddle.
            Holds up to 8 bikes by the saddle

            Quickly sets up without any tools

            Sturdy design with non-slipping rubber feet

            Lightweight stand folds into a compact, heavy-duty tote-bag (included)

            Perfect for any situation that calls for multiple bike storage. 

            Easy to carry, easy to store. 

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            The Scorpion bike stand is a portable, lightweight functional bike storage stand that allows for convenient washing, lite maintenance, and stable race day storage of your bike.

            Designed for MTB / DH

            Hollow crank bike storage

            Great for washing & Lite maintenance

            Includes 3 crank spacers

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