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Today is a perfect day to order the new Moots!  @mootscycles #moots #ti #bikelife #bikeofday

Today is a perfect day to order the new Moots! @mootscycles #moots #ti #bikelife #bikeofday

Geremy attacks another #notabike

Geremy attacks another #notabike

My new mission, eradicating the world of Elipti-Go's #notabike

My new mission, eradicating the world of Elipti-Go's #notabike

Mad Duck crew rolling at @tourdetucson in Arizona heat! #madduckracingfamily

Mad Duck crew rolling at @tourdetucson in Arizona heat! #madduckracingfamily

Great to see @freddyyvincent on the podium again!  #trainhard #bikelifetraining #trainhard #madduckracingfamily

Great to see @freddyyvincent on the podium again! #trainhard #bikelifetraining #trainhard #madduckracingfamily

Don't loose that summertime fitness.  Stop in at Mad Duck and demo the the Wahoo Kickr Trainers! #wahookickr #wahooligans #wahoofitness #training #trainhard

Don't loose that summertime fitness. Stop in at Mad Duck and demo the the Wahoo Kickr Trainers! #wahookickr #wahooligans #wahoofitness #training #trainhard

Welcome to Mad Duck Cyclery. At Mad Duck, we know you can buy any o' bike anywhere. And we also know all bikes are not created equal. Some bikes are far more than the sum of their parts. Thats a bike with 'soul'. We know you can tell if a bike was made with passion, with caring, and with a noble intention: this produces the soul of a bike. This also insures the fun comes through each time you ride.

We strive to bring you the best bikes in each category, built by manufacturers that share our view of the soul of a bicycle. Riding one of these bikes not only makes you a better rider, it inspires you to ride! All of our bikes come with that giddy feeling of pure joy you felt as a child when you first learned to ride.

The all New Mad Duck Cyclery --- Introducing Bicycle Concierge service.

We know your cycling is important to you! And now a service that is designed to allow you more time to do what you love …. More time to ride! Mad Duck is bring the bike shop to you!

Tired of waiting in line behind a 'Walmart' bike to get your Moots checked in?  Having to listen to someone explain in detail how badly their Huffy shifts, when you are late for a race and just need a quick wheel true?  

One on one sales and service, at our place or yours … simply book an appointment and we will take care of you the way you deserve … focused one on one attention on your schedule!

(Show Room Hours Tuesday-Friday 11:00am to 6:00 pm, Saturday 10-5)
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Garmin Varia Review

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Being a reformed tech gadget guy, I wasn’t too interested when Garmin announced a taillight with radar to warn you of on coming cars. I just didn’t see how the thing would work well enough to be worth the money or the trouble. Man, was I wrong on this one! It is one of the best bike accessories I’ve seen in years.

A customer asked me to order a Varia for them, and curiosity got the better of me- I ordered one for myself. Setup was simple and straight-forward, which is great for us no-patience types.

As I rolled from the shop for my commute home in complete darkness, this cool little device started doing its thing, and I understood instantly what it was all about. I actually pulled off the road so I could watch it work, and for the first time on a ride, I was wanting to have cars around me.

In a perfect example, as I was riding down a completely dark park road, the little beep went of on my Garmin 1000 display, with the side lighting up in yellow. At the point I had seen no headlight behind me and hadn’t yet heard a car. As I looked at the display, I saw 2 white dots running up the side of the display and indicating 2 cars approaching. The dots were moving really fast on the display and I moved farther to the right (without turning my head back and accidentally swearing into traffic) as 2 cars came flying past, and I knew this device was a must have!

I did wonder how this thing was going to work in group rides; was it going to pick up other bikes and be blinking and chirping non-stop. Easy way to find out, ride with someone the next morning and see.

Before we rolled out the next morning, I installed the unit on Terry’s bike and off we went. (As a side note, Terry is not a gadget person and left on her own she should still have a flip phone). The Varia never mistook a bike for a car. It worked great. Terry instantly fell for this little gadget, from the first car that approached. As we rode along, Terry was frustrated that there wasn’t enough traffic and suggested we “go find some”. (NOT words I ever expected to hear from her in the same sentence).

As cars approach, not only does the display signal this, the taillight progresses from 2 lights to 8 to make sure that cars see you. As an added benefit, if you are riding behind someone that has a Varia, you can tell by the lights on the taillight if a car is approaching. And you can hear the audible if you are within hear shot. No more yelling “car back”- just let the Varia do its thing and enjoy a safe ride!

This is a must have safety device for a road cyclist, and is the perfect gift if you have a road cyclist on your Christmas list.
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The same bike that can tame the famed cobbles of Paris-Roubaix and was named "Bike of the Year" is now at Mad Duck, The Bianchi Infinito CV. Stop by Mad Duck and take a spin on this incredible machine and let it tame your roughest roads!
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